Manufacturing of mild steel  gates & fencing, from small simple designs to big industrial gates including decorative wrought iron. We can manufacture anything that comes to mind.

If it can be drawn, it can be made”             

We have perfected the art, by making our gates as light as possible but yet more rigid than the average gate, there for improving the wear on hinges and wheels, and extending the life span of the  automatic operator.

Most of our sliding gates are supplied with the industrial flat-bar track although a bit more expensive than your average angle iron track, it offers durability and a smooth operation, but angle tracks are also available for lighter gates, and a cost effective alternative.

The design of our 130,mm & 150,mm U-Groove industrial wheels makes our large gates the smoothest and easiest to operate in the industry.

All gates are supplied with a minimum corrosion protection of (Zink-coated) hot-dip galvanizing, and all products can also be powder coated or painted to specification on request.


We have dedicated installation crew’ s that handle the fitting of all electronic equipment such as gate and door operators, cabling, intercoms, cameras, electric fencing, etc.

All our installers is experienced and have been trained in-house to apply good installation practices such as laying cables at the correct depth, the right way to terminate wire ways into equipment/boxes when below or above ground, no joints underground, solid casting of motor base plates, all mountings to be plum and secure, etc. which will insure the best possible operation and life span of the equipment. We strive to always use the best  products and materials on the market.

“It is not always a bad product, but very often a poor installation”  

The No.1 culprit that causes failure to the installation is bad, untidy cabling and junctions (whether it is the wrong cheap cable, no conduit to protect the fragile com's cable where necessary, no proper joint boxes, using the motor as a junction box or just sloppy rushed shallow cabling) this is the part of the installation that is time consuming and obviously costly and were most installers is trying to cut cost, but only at the expense of the client.

"Good workmanship and back-up is not the cheapest initially, but will save you money and frustration in time to come"


The Gate Doctor were the first in Durban to specialize in the repair and maintenance of all makes of gate and door operators (gate motors, garage door motors, Intercoms, CCTV, electric fencing, etc.)  and has proven itself to be a leader in the industry.

We employ a full-time customer service support staff to take your call, create a job card and insure that a technician will attend to the breakdown.

Job cards is kept for a minimum of one year and up to two years for each visit to site, so as to keep a decent record of repairs done and discussions with the client.

In this type of industry where the client is not always schooled in the trade it is of great importance to maintain a high level of integrity and honesty - our staff is reminded on a regular basis to treat our clients in a manner that they them self would like to be treated if the shoe were on the other foot

We insure our clients of the best possible advice at all times.